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Access a database full of matches from your league
Need to scout an opponent? We’ve got you covered with matches available from Open to MDL
Watch demos with your teammates on our platform
Review games and strategies easily with teammates on a synced viewing platform
Save time by taking advantage of our analysis
Scouting a team has never been easier with the smart data and tools provided
Synced Rooms
Reviewing your own match or an opponent’s match has never been easier.

Simply create a room from any match and invite your teammates by sending them a link. Position within the demo and drawing are synced, making collaborative demo review easy
Advanced Analytics
Spend more time in game and less time breaking down your opponent’s strategies.

With our automated analysis, you’ll be able to scout out your opponent’s strategies, tendencies, and tactics on demand.
Improved Scouting
Delve deep into statistics or get a quick breakdown of teams.

With provided heatmaps, quickly figure out where a team's strongest players start and where they find the most or least success
Match Database
Quickly and easily find any match and dig deep into your competitor’s strats.

Filter by team name, maps played, or league. No more having to download demos minutes before a tournament starts.

Upload demos to be automatically analyzed and available for viewing.